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Sustainable reality survey

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A Europe-wide sustainability report

Every year, Goodyear conducts the Sustainable Reality Survey. This survey is more than just a corporate sustainability report. Instead, the Sustainable Reality Survey tracks what fleet managers, owners and operators are actually doing to become more sustainable.

The benefits to your fleet management

The industry is continuously looking for ways to become more ecological and sustainable. From using the best fuel-efficient tyres, eco driving, tyre retreading and fuel management – sustainability is on everyone’s minds. The yearly Goodyear Sustainable Reality survey ensures you stay up to date with the industry’s efforts. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and ensure your efforts are still keeping pace.

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Some key insights from 2023


56% of fleets are using fuel-efficient tyres

Fuel efficient tyres are the second most common sustainability measure taken by fleets across Europe. The tyres are a low-cost, high-impact change, that dramatically reduce the amount of fuel your fleet burns, and thus, how much CO2 it produces.


39% of fleets see sustainability as a means to reduce operating costs

The great thing about sustainability measures is that besides having a positive effect on the environment, they also have a very positive effect on a fleet’s bottom line. Less fuel burned, fewer tyres disposed of, it all results in lower operating costs.


47% of fleets are using telematics solutions to monitor and reduce fuel consumption

Almost half of Europe’s fleet have realised the amazing power of the data hidden in their trailers. By measuring and analysing your telematics data, you can not only keep an eye on your tyres, but also measure and reduce your fuel consumption.


Want more sustainable fleet management?

Mockup of the 2022 Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey report for the UK and Ireland
Goodyear and TreeNation collaboration

1 completed survey =
1 tree planted

In 2023, 1672 fleets across Europe filled in the survey. Thanks to Goodyear’s collaboration with non-profit TreeNation, that means that in total, across the three years of the Sustainable Reality Survey, 4088 trees have been planted.